Julia Roberts Set To Star In Her First TV Series

Julia Roberts is set to star in a TV array for a initial time in her career. The 49 year aged singer will also executive furnish the limited array formed on Maria Semple’s New York Times best-selling novel “Today Will Be Different.”

Roberts is fasten a trend of large name film stars relocating to a tiny screen. Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, Robert De Niro, Jonah Hill and Emma Stone have all recently done a jump. With a budgets and prolongation values of radio shows rising, it’s not startling to see either. Semple’s novel was only expelled this fall, and a author will write a screenplay for a instrumentation as well. 

Today Will Be Different is about a day in a life of a categorical character, Eleanor Floor, who decides when she wakes adult that morning that currently is a day she will takes caring of all a small things she’s been ignoring. Unfortunately for her life gets in a approach and tries to forestall her from doing what she wants to do. Roberts of march will star as Eleanor Flood, a preference that Semple agrees with. 

“I’m silly that Eleanor Flood will be brought to life by Julia Roberts” Semple pronounced in a statement. She went on to contend that “This will be a fun ride!” as well. 

As of nonetheless no network is set to atmosphere a series, and there is no word on when filming will begin. But with Roberts name trustworthy to it, it won’t take prolonged to find a buyer.

Photo: Georges Biard on Wikipedia



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